Restoring Confidence in the American Tax Dollar | Conservative Senate Candidate in Tennessee

Restoring Confidence in the American Tax Dollar

With nearly 20 years in Public Accounting, proving a success in my professional career has been centered around the one thing that funds the federal government—your tax dollars. While becoming an expert in the laws mandating that we pay our “fair share,” I have lost all faith in the Political Elites’ “Power of the Purse.” Blatantly ignoring the Comptroller General’s grim sustainability warning, they continue to cheat and defraud YOU, the hardworking American Taxpayer. Political Elites have led the way to the brink of a financial crisis never before experienced—the collapse of the US federal government.

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If you think you have FDIC insurance on your bank account—think again. Under the clever term “Investment in US Treasury Bonds,” your FDIC trust fund, along with every other government trust fund, has been diverted and laundered to finance the ever-growing National Debt. To the tune of approximately $6 trillion—your Social Security, your Medicare, and our Military Retirement Fund, to name a few, all “invested” in US Treasury Bonds—IOU’s from the US federal government general fund. To make matters worse, as of May 2019, EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN TAXPAYER would need to fork over nearly $710,000 to make the US federal government truly debt-free. Did you catch that? For the federal government to pay you back what is rightfully yours, you need to pay them $710,000. Fraud. Negligence. Extortion. Breach of Fiduciary Duty.

Fiscal responsibility is to the government what soil is to life—the beginning and end. The government is only as effective as its management of available resources. In the words of Albert Einstein, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result.” Why do we KEEP sending the same Political Elitist to run our nation? We NEED new representation in Congress. In fact, there are more medical professionals and professional pilots in both chambers of Congress than professionally trained accountants (8). We must act now—tell the Political Elites “YOU’RE FIRED” in November, and send a true Public Servant to Washington.

As your Senator, I serve you! Working for you, I will restore Fiscal Responsibility in Washington. I will demand laws to regulate the legislature’s fiduciary duty to its largest stakeholder—YOU, the American Taxpayer. Instituting harsh civil penalties for negligence, Congress must be subject to the same enforcement penalties it imposes on you, the American Taxpayer. It is the duty of a public servant to protect your prosperity rather than extorting it to finance politicians’ uncontrollable spending habits of buying votes. YOU DO NOT WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT—if elections were on Tax Day, Politicians might actually act as PUBLIC SERVANTS! As your Senator, I serve you. I will lead the way in Restoring Confidence in the American Tax Dollar.

Resurrecting the American Dream | Conservative Senate Candidate in Tennessee

Resurrecting the American Dream

First thing’s first—a flourishing and stable economy is vital to restoring confidence in the American Tax Dollar. A strong economy is the result of healthy, profitable, private business ventures. DO NOT BELIEVE THE LIES – government CANNOT legislate the creation of a sustainable flourishing economy; in fact, history proves government regulation first deflates and then stagnates the economy. It’s time for the government to emancipate the American Dream!

“A ruler with no understanding will oppress his people.” —Proverbs 28:6

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We must overhaul the complicated tax system and insist the government operate on its fair share of our hard-earned income. We must demand that the government take less from ALL Americans—reduce tax rates, remove double taxation, and allow pre-tax deductions that encourage Americans to invest in the betterment of their community and environment. A flourishing economy thrives on government taking less and you keeping more.

Public safety is critical to a strong economy. When public safety is prioritized, it reduces the cost of crime and enhances the desirability of our communities as places to work, live, and play. We must stand against the liberal’s lenient prison reform! It is imperative that we restore confidence in the criminal judicial system. Continually releasing violent criminals into society with a mere slap on the wrist is an injustice to our communities. We must be hard on crime! It is impossible for law enforcement officers (LEOs) to be everywhere at all times; even more, crime does not wait for LEOs to respond. As proud Americans, we should never fear for our right to keep and bear arms! It is the right of every law-abiding American to bear arms for defense, ready and able should the occasion arise, though I pray it does not. I encourage all to embrace your Second Amendment Right, and I’ll be damned if it is infringed upon. Next time you go to the range—let me know. I’d love to meet you there!

Human capital is a prime component of a flourishing economy. We must invest in our future. Our early education system is broken, and we fail to provide an able and trained workforce. College education is wonderful, but we must remember that our great nation was built on the hard work of a blue-collar workforce. We must reverse the results of “No Child Left Behind”—it is OUR duty to ensure our children receive the highest quality education in their early years. There is no cost too great than losing our future; whatever the cost, we must supply more than just the core learning subjects. Our educators must educate without personal biases, educating with methods that encourage students’ development of interpersonal behaviors such as self-motivation, self-discipline, competition, and teamwork. Like we were afforded, we should give our future access to Art, Music, Dance, Foreign Languages, Shop, Welding, Agriculture, Personal Finance, Early Work Release (Co-op/Internship), etc. We must ensure athletics and intellectual competitive teams remain a part of each and every school system. Our public education system is responsible for our future, and we must not take it for granted.

Stagnated economic growth, skyrocketing education costs, and lack of affordable housing are government manufactured messes. It has legislated, regulated, funded, backed and guaranteed these crises into existence. The US federal government need not be in the lending business—the ages-old economic fact that prices rise when funding is readily available inflates the cost of goods. With the US federal government handing out loans like candy at a Christmas parade, it has loaned money it doesn’t have, demanded more tax dollars from you, and artificially inflated your housing and education costs.

Investing in a Healthy America | Conservative Senate Candidate in Tennessee

Investing in a Healthy America

Integrity is a fundamental principle of fiscal responsibility. We must demand integrity from our elected political leaders! In the year 2020, time has officially expired – we are exhausted with the empty campaign promises of “affordable” healthcare and government forcing crony legislation on us that have come at atrocious costs to the American taxpayer ($1.3 trillion in FYE18 alone).

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It’s time to stop medicating the symptoms of our bad health, and demand a cure! News flash – it won’t be found in a chemist lab! The basic economics of supply and demand apply to healthcare costs. Get America healthy = reduce the supply of illnesses = reduced demand for healthcare = lower healthcare costs. The simple reality is that we must focus on the source of our bad health, not the symptoms.


In all of God’s glorious wisdom, He gave us self-healing powers. Our bodies are pretty amazing, and just like all well-maintained machines, our bodies require a clean fuel supply to maintain optimum performance, self-healing powers included. As such, God filled the earth with livestock and vegetation (our fuel = food supply) in its natural, organic goodness, free from man-made chemical substances. Our bodies were created to operate on a nutrient-rich food supply of whole, natural, organic vegetation and livestock humanely raised in their natural habitat (hint: this is not a factory confined space). Beginning with the Woodrow Wilson administration, the US federal government has manufactured our genetically modified and toxic food supply by paying for (subsidizing) the creation of Industrial Agriculture.

Sold to America as a technological miracle, Industrial Agriculture has become our dominant (and standard) food production. It is characterized by heavy use of man-made chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and confined animal factory operations. Poison, all of these man-made chemicals are poisoning us—foreign substances that were never intended to be introduced to the human body, our self-healing powers frantically go into overdrive and actually start attacking the body. Continually poisoning our bodies with this food, our self-healing powers continue to self-attack, leading to long-term chronic illnesses and cell mutilation forming cancer. All this from the standard agriculture of the United States.

It’s time to invest in our health and our farmers! Instead of wasting tax dollars on fake “affordable” healthcare, we need to invest in, and demand, organic, natural, and humane food production be the STANDARD in the United States. Ongoing studies funded by the USDA and conducted by researching poly-tech (agriculture) universities are showing that, over time, crop production grown organically out-produces the industrialized production in both volume and quality—odd how that works, huh? It’s also beneficial for the river/waterway pollution levels and reduces our carbon emissions—win for human health and environmental health!

And, let’s be clear. Our clean organic, natural, and humane food was supplied to mankind well before any form of government entity existed. As such, this basic human need must not be artificially inflated with the government’s desire for a piece of the profit. No, just, no. Farmers who produce their crops and/or livestock in its organic, natural, and humane state must be tax-exempt at all levels. Industrial Agricultural production should receive NO tax-exemption. Our clean food supply is a must, and it must be readily available at an affordable price.

The opioid crisis is a nationwide epidemic.
However, Tennessee’s opioid death rates are rising while the national death rate has dropped. The FDA classifies most opioid drugs as a Schedule II controlled substance (approved for medical use), including morphine, codeine, and fentanyl -all of which have high abuse potential. Marijuana has been used in healthcare for millennia; it is well known that marijuana does not cause fatal overdoses, and its medical benefits drastically out-weigh its negative consequences. States that have legalized marijuana have subsequently seen a drop in its opioid-related death rates. It’s time to legalize marijuana at the federal level. The legalization must ensure it is sourced by US Farmers subject to organic agriculture production standards, and Big Pharma must never touch this natural medication.

Because we are reliant on medicine, we must hold the FDA to ethical and moral behaviors. Too many times, they have approved complete poison—raise your hands if you’ve been a victim? Me too! The FDA has been purchased by Big Pharma – the opioid crisis is a prime example. If you want to know the truth about how corrupt the department really is – Google “Aspartame Scandal,” read the truth first, and then google simply “Aspartame.” Please do that simple exercise—your eyes will be opened. The purpose of the FDA is to protect the public from Big Pharma, and it’s time for us to remind them!

encourage Americans investing in Americans | Conservative Senate Candidate in Tennessee

Americans Investing In Americans

It is time to take charity out of government and encourage Americans investing in Americans!

Our Founding Fathers were strong in their Christian faith, and it is forever memorialized in our founding documents. Guided by The Wonderful Counselor, they carefully authored the most astounding legal documents. Without recognizing or articulating God, the founding documents restricted the federal government from the assumption of God’s Supreme Authority. Sadly, those limitations have been heavily discounted throughout America’s lifespan. Securing elections, our political leaders have purchased their way into “power” on promises of government charity—paid for by the American Tax Dollar.

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It’s important to understand that poverty is a permanent condemnation not erasable from humanity. Mankind’s fall from God’s gracious presence, “self” became the primary being of human nature. As a consequence of “self,” poverty was permanently etched into humanity, only to be eradicated by the Creator Himself. Government charity is not really charity at all—having self-interest (elections), Government charity is prejudice, discriminatory, and now “mandatory.”

Charity, by definition, is not mandatory. Charity, in its true form, is selfless in nature, freely given without expectation of repayment or future benefit. Its effects are priceless: it is inspiring, encouraging, motivating, stimulating, contagious, cheerful, and generous. Mandatory giving, by definition, is an entitlement; it does not inspire, encourage, motivate, or stimulate; it is discriminatory, prejudice, divisive, and demotivating.

We must take charity out of the government’s hands! Our federal tax laws governing charities and charitable giving actually discourage American personal charity and encourage charity dependency on government funding—totally backward, and we must demand change!

Every American Tax Dollar that the government does not spend on charity is a win for the American Taxpayer; therefore, charitable donations must be pre-tax American Dollars. That’s right, you heard me, no more monkeying around with the deduction for charitable donations! You should get a dollar for dollar reduction in your “adjusted gross income” for your selfless act of charity to your American neighbors! Your selflessness should not be limited to any thresholds, phaseouts, or limitations. American personal charity is the best thing that can happen for our country—Americans investing in Americans. The government’s role in charity is simple–tighten up the tax laws relative to the qualifying tax-exempt charitable organizations AND enforce strict adherence to the laws relative to maintaining its charitable status.

James Madison was absolutely correct – “Charity is no part of the legislative duty of the government.”

Social Security | Conservative Senate Candidate in Tennessee

Social Security

Restoring Confidence in the American Tax Dollar and fiscal responsibility requires confronting the elephant in the room. We must hold the Political Elitist accountable for the cesspool of negligence, fraud, and corruption they continue to ignore. Without action, hardworking, honest American Taxpayers will unjustly suffer the punishment for the crimes to which they fell victim. Providing a smart, sensible solution is easy—we are a nation full of brilliant, capable economists and accountants. Expecting the Political Elites to swallow their pride in exchange for the common good of whom they claim to represent is damn near impossible!

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The fundamental purpose of Social Security was/is to provide a livable retirement for those who would otherwise have none. My generation, including American’s within a ten-year forward stretch, have accepted the fact that Social Security will have been bankrupted by the time we reach retirement, leaving us to provide for ourselves. With those two understandings, we have opportunities to provide Americans with OPTIONS, allowing us to stop the bleeding madness.

It’s time to demand the Political Elites put differences aside and do what is right for the American Taxpayer. With Social Security set for bankruptcy within the decade, action must be taken now.

Supporting Military and Veterans | Conservative Senate Candidate in Tennessee

Military and Veterans

“America without her soldiers would be like God without his angels.” — Claudia Pemberton

I am proud to be an American, unashamed and unapologetic of being a patriotic cheerleader! For nearly fifteen years, my roots were planted in the grounds connected to Eglin Air Force Base. These brave men and women were my neighbors, my clients, my friends…and a few ex-boyfriends. Immersed in the development, acquisition, testing, deployment, and sustainment of all Air Force armament—there are simply no words that can properly articulate the show-stopping, breathtaking, and chilling sights, sounds, and feels of freedom that are etched in the normalcy of every day—‘MERICA!

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Our military is the most powerful, most advanced, and most capable in all the world, as it rightly should be. There is no cost so precious as the cost of human bloodshed. With our robust capabilities, our brave men and women are able to protect our freedoms more effectively than any other nation on the planet—a fact well known by our enemies. It is imperative that we continue our investment in and development of our military advancements and capabilities, and remain the most powerful and effective military in the world.

The safety of our home turf should be prioritized. Any attack on American soil is unacceptable – terrorism, violent crimes against Americans by illegal aliens, overdose by drug smuggling, etc. America needs secure borders. The most effective means to permanently secure our border is with our military. The terrain along the southern border is a prime training ground for our presence in the Middle East, an environment in which our soldiers must be ready and able to withstand combat at any given moment. Already highly and effectively utilized in securing testing sites, our military possesses border monitoring technology that quickly and accurately detects potential border breaches, allowing for swift deployment of military personnel to secure the location before a breach occurs. Utilizing this technology along with military training camps/bases along the southern border is the most effective security measure the US can make. There is no organized crime organization, cartel, or refugee group that would dare come face to face with the likes of our military capabilities. A wall is passable. The US Military is not.

No Man Left Behind! Veteran Affairs is a non-partisan agency – the Political Elites need to show respect. While the Political Elites continue childish tantrums, our veterans are suffering. It is utterly grotesque to see so many veterans homeless and dying from illness as they wait in line for care at the VA, all results from Congress’ refusal to address systemic issues within the VA. The VA is rot with cultural issues that start at the top levels of management. With four secretaries in seven years, the lack of consistent leadership has deteriorated corporate culture throughout the agency, leading to high employee turnover and 30,000+ job vacancies. It’s time to stop the political games and demand effective leadership and management within the VA. We must fully fund the overdue infrastructure investments bringing the VA facilities into the year 2020. We must expand behavioral health services to effectively treat the mental health of today’s veterans, including suicide prevention. It is imperative that we provide high-quality services for our women veterans covering all women’s healthcare needs. We must provide the resources and stability to eradicate homelessness amongst our veterans. Our veterans served us. It’s our turn to serve the needs of our veterans!

Elizabeth McLeod - Conservative Senate Candidate in Tennessee

The Social Divide

Restoring Confidence in the American Tax Dollar strictly surrounds the primary function of the US federal government and restoring fiscal responsibility. I firmly believe that societal issues do not belong in government—it goes against the “Laws of Nature,” as well as God’s law. It is impossible to legislate humanity into good morality, though the reverse is absolute when the government partakes in societal issues. There is only one power that can reset and remake one’s moral character, and that power is an eternal one (not government).

I am asking for your trust in representing you as your Public Servant. Therefore, I feel it is important you know my thoughts on the societal issues dividing our country. If only the government had stayed out of legislating the morals of mankind all along…

Pro-life or Pro-choice

Neither. The constitution made it pretty clear that the government cannot define “life,” including its beginning. There is a valid place for abortion. Its rightful place is as a medical procedure in the hands of a real medical doctor in medical practice, the parents, and God—NOT GOVERNMENT.

I am Pro-God and thus Pro-Constitution, and I will stand by this time and again. For my non-believing friends, my Pro-God stance is very simply the same as the “Laws of Nature” and of “Nature’s God” terminology used in our founding documents. However, since I am a Christian, I believe in “Freewill,” which was defined in our founding documents as “Liberty”—both terms have the same meaning, “choice,” and it was given to us by our “Creator.”

Our founding documents are clear that “Life” is a right that pre-existed any form of government, declaring that “All men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are Life…”

I fear we are treading dangerous ground, asserting that the government is mightier than God. The result is the far-leaning legislations of both-sides demanding that the judiciary, a system created by and composed of humans, establish a legal definition of when “life” begins. Both sides are hoping to prevail. Regardless of the victor, the damage will have become the Supreme Law of the Land…establishing that the Right to Life is not unalienable but defined by the Supreme Court. By legally defining when life begins, the judiciary will have established that the “right to life” is a bestowment of law (government), not God. If the right to life is a bestowment of law, life and liberty are both at the mercy of the government.

As a Christian, I believe that He is the creator of the heavens and the earth. His Word also tells me that we are not a product of blind chance or probability, but crafted by His eternal power and divine nature. His Word reveals that He meticulously planned and created me before I was even conceived: “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart…” (Jeremiah 1:5). This declaration confirms that “Life” was given to us by God, and there is no human definition that can establish its beginning.

Equality Act—LGBT Rights

I stand for the liberty of ALL Americans, no matter race, gender, or ethnicity. The greatest promise of America is that we are ALL free and will ALL remain free. The Equality Act infringes upon that promise. Simply put, the government has no authority to demand an American perform, provide, or act against their moral or professional standards—not by force nor by intimidation.

To my transgender friends – you are American. You are free to transition should you feel so compelled. You do not need legislation to allow you to do that. As your friend, and out of unconditional love, I would ask that you visit my healthcare section. You were born with amazing powers, and your natural makeup allows your body to produce amazing abilities. However, should you feel empowered by a surgical procedure converting your natural self into something it is not, this is America, and you have that right. However, it is not your right to demand someone provide the surgical procedure or prescribe the man-made chemicals to stop your natural hormonal production or supply an unnatural hormone. It is your duty to search for a medical doctor that is willing and able to provide such services.

Transgenders in athletics, specifically women’s—stop, please, just stop. As an athlete and bodybuilder myself, it is highly unfair to natural-born females to compete with any transgender being. There is a reason sports enhancing drugs (steroids) are banned—they give an unfair advantage to those who are all-natural. A biological male naturally produces testosterone and will do so for the rest of his life, even with chemicals to stop/reduce production. Even if the testosterone stopping drugs were 100% effective, a biological male will retain gains/strength from his biological being. A biological female transitioning to a male will be prescribed steroids, which again, is an unfair advantage to the natural-born female that is not transitioning. By all means, you be you but remember you can’t demand special treatment that oppresses one in their natural body composition.

Holy Matrimony versus legal marriages—the government cannot force and/or legislate Holy Matrimony. Holy Matrimony is defined by God’s law and performed by God’s servants. The government has established a form of marriage that is separate from Holy Matrimony, but that does not give a governmental body the right to impose change or modification to God’s Holy Matrimony. To do so is unconstitutional.

The promise of America is that we are ALL free, and our freedoms cannot be taken. As a Christian, I am commanded to LOVE each and every one of you, without judgment or condemnation. As a Christian, I am to follow His Word and His Commandments, and though I will inherently fall short of His glory, I will always strive to live by and with Him. Recognizing that no one can legislate one’s moral character, I will always uphold the constitution and God’s command to love.

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